Artistic Scaling: Why Artists Die Broke

Hear Marc Jacobs at the 30 second mark.

It’s actually a Joke What He Does… But That’s what a Scaled Man Sounds Like.

He Has a Life!!

An Artist Makes Final Touches on Fuck Ups and Rolls.

That’s a Boss. #BossMode

Fashion Brands Have Been Struggling with the Reality of When the Founder Dies, who carries on the Vision?..

Hollywood Directors just use the Machine of Hollywood to do their Scaling So They Don’t Count.

The Value of a Business falls off if a Scaling Process is Not in Place to Retain and Gain Customers after the Head Artist or Business Person has moved on, retired, died, etc.

When You are working hard taking risks, you should be at least employing someone to get you to a goal where your business runs like a machine. Most Businesses run on word of mouth. That’s the dumbest thing you can do… You need a Marketing and Sales System that Generates and Persuades New Customers and Retains Existing Customers All Day, Every Day!

Do You think it is a coincidence that Tim Cook who is a Scaling Master (Chief of Operations) was chosen by Steve Jobs to continue with the company? Scalability is the toughest thing but most rewarding thing to achieve when done right.

Most artists don’t think how they are gonna get out when they’re ready to move on. Why? Most Artists don’t survive due to poor financial prowess, and non existent scaling skills.

What’s your end game? Scalability. How Are you going Achieve this goal?

Creative Scalability is when You have an Artistic or Creative Solution to a Big Problem that You can Scale.

Like Any business is to have a mission to achieve to gain MAXIMUM SCALABILITY in their niche.

An Artistic Mission to achieve a Mean to an End which is Scalability.

Facebook’s is to connect the world. and scale so Mark can Generate more cash when he’s dead.

Mark is an artist first, software developer second, businessman third. He employs Sheryl Sandberg (COO) to handle day to day operations to carry out the Grand Vision and She’s damn good at her job.

Here’s a real world idea I told a Friend about a month ago…

Ran Into a Friend Who is an Audio Engineer. He Says He does records for RandB, Rock, and Gospel. I said Two Things: 1. He’s being too much to too many people. Dr.Dre produces for Gangster Rappers ONLY. He also has a Reputation that carries a guarantee. “When I jump on a Track. You will be Nominated for a Grammy (which will drive your sales and exposure). 2. What’s your End Game? How are you gonna work less and make more? Do You Think Dr.Dre is in the Trenches at Aftermath? HELL NO! He understands SCALE. He shows up for Mastering.

Take Aways:

1. Artistic Vision Pragmatic Mission

2. Ruthlessly Scale, Scale, Scale!

3. Walk The Dog, Collect a Check and Grow Richer and Watch Your Business Compound.

Books to Read: Scale by Jeff Hoffman (Founder of and David Finkel (Maui Mastermind)

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (Founder of Gazelles Inc)

Wishing you an Easier Day,

Larry Ellison on His Yacht. World Renowned for being an Absentee Boss which he has said has made his Business More Efficient. Employees Figure Out Their own Questions.

The Real Deal with Carmichael Reid

Website ReWork

Love us or not, the Mark Zuckerbergs of the block-Raekwon

This is your website, and every other website that you visit.

All the same, all plastic. Everyone who tries to be edgy or different ends up with a edgy and different website that is copied from another person who wants to be edgy and different.

Look at 100% of start up websites. It’s as if the same web designer design all their sites.

All Color No Commission.

They rely on deep VC pockets who they convinced their web layout is the shit.

And they wonder why they have no revenue stream?

The chain continues.

Your website is supposed to be included in Your Value Proposition.

Most can’t look me in the eye and say this is true for their business.

Or they are deceiving themselves that they actually generate sales from convincing or persuading a prospect or visitor that their product is worth buying.

It’s not your fault. You and I are led by big businesses who have major budgets for marketing who copy other companies with major budgets for marketing.

Are you getting the theme here? The world is a bunch of copy cats!

You can be the leader of your industry with a simple, clean, Sales-Effective Website that Generates the Leads, Funnels them into Repeat Customers and Evangelists, such as my self for sites like

I’m not an applenut, but just create a cart for yourself and see how easy it is and how fun it is, and how you are PERSUADED to buy a $5,000 Mac without blinking.

Carmike, didn’t you just say the world is a bunch of copy cats? You’re a hypocrite!

Yeah I am.

For the sake of Profits, The elements’s e-store implements is not by accident.

Copying a web layout and copying what works are two extremely different things entirely.

My idea is still in the works to create a hybrid of offline/online sales strategies where my clients and I can destroy competition with our software that generates sales out the ying-yang. But this is probably too secretive for the blog…

Building a Sales Centric Website with Ethics is tough.

Having a sales driven website that doesn’t crash, well maintained and sales driven design is where it’s at. Zero companies put pride in it except for the real only Unicorn in the world., they’re the only company that sells their own product, advertises their own products and cross-sells, up-sells and follows up. When you hear they operate like a start up for being a TRILLION dollar business… They are not kidding around!

How about trying the same tactics for your business?

Tough I know. But Worth it in the end.

I’m still concocting the concepts, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

But Sales Differentiate from your competitor not your flashy design that can be copied by ANY edgy web designer.

Unique and Making Money and Well Maintained.

Bang, Bang!

Copied from my FB post Last Thursday… #ThoughThursday‬: If you are thinking of building a website for your small business. Ignore every popular and mostly likely 90% websites ever made. The facebooks and googles. Even They are not sales centric websites. They make money by either ads or supplier contracts. You don’t have that luxury. Do I have an answer for sales boosting websites? Still Searching. But this what I do know. ‪#‎SaveMoney‬ ‪#‎MakeMoney‬‪#‎UniqueSalesSavvyWebsites‬ Make your Product a Service. Make Your Service a Product ‪#‎yycbiz‬ ‪#‎webdev‬

The Power of Broke: Avoid Cash Burn and other Business Blunders

I know Niggas who never been to a college. They just tryna whip a Benz outta Pyrex. – Waka Flocka “Real Quick” (0 to 100 Remix)

Business. The richest game in town right?

We’ve heard the excuse repeatedly “I don’t have enough money to start a business.” #shitbrokepeoplesay

Lo and behold! This person is in the best positioned person to start up (once he/she overcomes their self-limiting beliefs).

Unless you’re in high barrier-high marketing budget industries like Fashion and Industrial Design (but even in this Ad-crazed business there are ways to run a profitable and operationally sound enterprise.)The power of having no money is your advantage, not your inhibition.

When were you the most industrious?

When you were a kid of course! You had no money, just pure curiosity and drive to make ordinary things fun.

I have extremely fond memories of turning the couches over and building forts and cars. Making beats on pots and pans. I even designed my first bed with my dad.

It’s the idiots who go to business school to spend 5 to 6 figures for 5 years on what the internet and experience can teach a broke person in 6 months.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur vs. An Ivy League MBA.

The untrained eye would pick the Harvard MBA nine times outta ten.

But anyone with any business sense would see that the Power of Broke makes you immune to things that would naturally give an Ivy Leaguer cold sweats at night.

I could play the blame game in each department from Accounting to Marketing/Sales but when you’re in it to win it. It’s tough not to copy what your competitor is doing and try to outspend them.

The Power of Broke once you’ve become comfortable in your own skin… You simply hack things that a wealthy person could simply afford without thinking twice about. These tiny he/she purchases make and break his/her business.

There is always a better, cheaper, and more valuable way to do anything. You just haven’t thought of it yet.

When operating your business while you’re broke. You are actually less likely to cut corners and more likely to look around them and capitalize what cash cows are blind to (and sell it back to them 😉 ) Rich companies cut corners ALL THE TIME! Being a Broke and in business and a Broke Business are two extremely different things. We as a society deem wealthy people with expensive degrees as the all knowing, all powerful who can do no wrong. Having a piece of paper earned in a controlled environment and theories is not an indicator of if you can run a business or be a successful entrepreneur.

I’m sure you got rich friends. They spend their money on the darndest things. Expensive clothes, cars, luxury items. Ask them where they get this money. They say 1 of 2 things. “I paid for it.” or “My parents paid for it.” Upon further investigation, The “I paid for it.” camp, is deceiving you, unless you ask, “Who pays for the rest of your life?” Then they revert to answer 2 camp.

Personally, I’ve never been on a vacation or anything of the sort, I put my self through school, pay for my clothes, don’t have a car, and pay rent and bills by myself, and run a business, while being hella broke!

I am confident, that I run a tighter ship, than many of my wealthier and successful compadres. Especially in the long run.

Hey, no rich person is gonna title their blog the Power of Broke, unless they wish they were broke when they started in the first place. Most successful businesses have to earn their value by sweat equity and hackability. Which money can buy and wealthy people avoid. They can simply buy the hack. This is an interesting topic that I’ll keep short so I can explain more in upcoming posts.

I warn you, that rich people will sneer at you and berate you. Pay them no mind, being broke and persistence is the best remedy to develop thick skin.

Broke? You now have no excuses, You’re actually hold destiny in your pockets. Where the money was supposed to be. 

Making a Billion and Being a Billion are two different things

Create Better Jobs So You Can Demand More (and Fire Faster)

Companies that grow people, grow profits. Companies that shrink people, shrink profits… Look at the investment in human assets to make sure it’s enough – Tom Connellan, Inside the Magic Kingdom

Make all your important jobs better jobs. Make every position that involves any contact with your customers at all a really, really good job. Pay better than average wages; pay to have employees’ uniforms cleaned for them; provide a good working environment; offer significant spontaneous, unexpected, varied rewards and recognition. Create jobs people really want and that good people won’t want to lose.

Why should you do all this?

Not to be a generous soul. Not to be liked. Not to win some award. So that your bloody axe is feared and you can be fearless in swinging it. 

-Dan Kennedy, NO BS to Ruthless Management of People and Profits