Cha-Ching! How to unplug your Cash Flow clog (Part 1)

“Your cash ain’t nothin’ but trash” – Steve Miller Band

Cash is King, what happens if you’re a pauper?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business… What happens if you have none?

The Symptoms of Cashflow Problems

Here’s a tip:

What’s the difference between Cash Flow and Profit? An entrepreneur’s goal is to make money, and eventually get rich. A civilian’s goal is supposed to make money and get rich. For personal and corporate. Why is there little resources on these two extremely important areas of entrepreneurship?  This blog is going to help spread the good word that Cash flow and uncommon Customer courtesy is the essential focus for you not only to make your customers feel rich and in turn be rich. I’ll be referencing my vast library, the Calgary Public Library and other expert’s ideas on Cash Flow and Customer Retention and Allocation.

My Cash Flow books just came in the mail. So I’ll be updating this blog post and and I’ll be putting up the misleading traits of profit and Cash Flow.

Dan S. Kennedy has a chapter in his No BS to Business Success on Managing Cash Flow

Inc. Magazine has done a bit on Cash Flow:

How To Manage Cash Flow

10 Absolute Must Follow Cash Rules

Secret to Formatting Cash Flow Projections

Cash Flow Insights

Phillip Campbell site

Avoid Cash Crash for Startups


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