#TIFF14 Toronto International Film Festival (From a Business Perspective)

What is a Film Festival in 2014?

The Sundance moment is over for filmmakers. Tarantino, W.Anderson, PTAnderson, Soderbergh, Aronofsky, etc are globally recognized, studio visionaries that bring in a substantial amount of hardware and profit (don’t forget cashflow!) for the respective studio and distributor(s). Today, obscurity breeds more obscurity even after the ‘dance. Watching stories from the net, about the different ways independent filmmakers have to get their films seen, post Sundance and the hierarchy of winning an award to insta-success like back in 90s. The Target Audience at Sundance is more for the youth-indie scene. Meaning very fickle and the film cannot be a 6 hour personal exploration like we see at Cannes. TIFF has drawn a line in the sand of which films it picks. If Sundance is Coachella, TIFF is  the Montreal Jazz Festival…

My second blog carmichaelreid.blogspot.com will have most of the trailers of the films at #TIFF14 and most of the filmmaking goodies.

What does it take to make TIFF such an alluring, prestigious brand. It must go deeper than just a couple big name stars every year…

TIFF is #4 among top Film Festivals and rapidly climbing in the film making circuit to attract distributors to buy the films at their festival. The bar has been raised with “12 Years A Slave” winning Best Picture at the Oscars which premiered at TIFF13. What makes a good festival? What makes TIFF an attraction outside of Europe and the United States? I PA’ed on the film “Yellow” starring Sienna Miller and Ray Liotta, and directed by Nick Cassavetes that premiered at TIFF11, and hasn’t seen the light of day.  But why do most of these films already have release dates in theatres? Does Mr. Bailey have an eagle eye for Oscar and A-Talent or is TIFF just an overpriced, glammed up place to see a film before any of your penny pinching friends.  How CEO, Piers Handling, and Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey, (Twitter ) and their teams put together such a sought after and sophisticated event in the heart of Toronto.

The Submitted Film Programme (July 22 2014)


More on this as the festival draws nearer.


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