Welcome. I’m a Man of Few Words

My name is Carmichael Reid, I post as crdr88.  First and foremost welcome to my second blog. My first blog was an experimental media post it and see see what happens form of  media. visit it at carmichaelreid.blogspot.com.. “Put it on the net mentality”, and it has had 40,000+ hits in a couple years. Not bad, not great. But it was a start! It wasn’t for the most intelligent person, it was bare bones simple. It took no effort but it did what it needed to do. No it didn’t bring down the campus’ servers or anything, but it gave me a tad bit of confidence that this internet thing actually works. So, what’s with the second blog? This second blog may be just as experimental, as I plan to build a real website to serve the customers and readers of what I write and end up producing for the small business concept I have but has yet to be named. It will be more thorough though. Alot more quotations, and references and better video and such. I got a couple names on the wall, but like naming a baby, it takes a while and I’m not naming it “Seven.” So what’s the purpose of this second blog? Well, it’s what the title is, I read, write and do a lot and companies that have seemed to do well with simple ideas… Just put it on the Net! I have yet to have my A-HA moment. I actually thought about this yesterday, about how many successful companies and some failure or failing companies have got on this internet over the past 20 years or so with ridiculously simple concepts and have put it on the net with prosperity. All relatively small companies when they started out Facebook, Instagram, Amazon.com, Zappos, e-Bay, Netflix, YouTube, even sex, you name it it’s on the net these days. It’s easy, its drugs, and everyone’s doing it. This site does not promote e-narcotics, but that’s where it’s heading. Seriously, why are these brands better? What can your personal brand, Yes! You are a brand, can do, to provide your clients and customers top service and get your message and yourself out there. This blog is gonna break it down to what it means to start from a below water brand, and get to the higher echelon of business dominance! Hopefully I do a good job in enticing, persuading, and gain interest in the thoughts, information and ideas that come along from various people, artists and fellow small business owners. Do Different Do. So let the blogging begin. Starting with the absolute two absolute major, fundamental necessities to starting a business. Ironically not enough on the net, or in the library or Amazon.com about. Cash Flow and Customers! – “Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein


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