Design Means Business/ Business Means Design

General Electric + IDEO student solve the kids’ fear of MRIs

Art meeting commerce.

Commerce meeting art.

These two have never got along until now and the relationship is intense!

There’s Intelligence Quotient

Emotional Quotient

Financial Quotient


Creative Quotient :

So what is Creative Intelligence, or CQ? Let me start by saying it is a concept in formation and I hope our conversation over the next months will give it a true, deep meaning. Above all, CQ is about abilities. I can call them literacies or fluencies. If you walk into one of Katie Salen’sQuest to Learn classes or a business strategy class at the Rotman School of Management, you can see people being taught behaviors that raise their CQ. You can see it in the military, corporations, and sports teams. It is about more than thinking, it is about learning by doing and learning how to do the new in an uncertain, ambiguous, complex space–our lives today.

Design is one the attributes that cannot be outsourced unlike most of the Information Age 20th century occupations today.

*On a realistic front, Canadian banks don’t offer school loans for prospective Architecture students*  It’s fucking expensive.

This is what this blog is for, to educate people who cannot afford d-school that have an interest in design thinking and business functions.

Forget b-school, d-school (WSJ):

I believe architecture is one of the best medium to steal from without paying its bills (hence me dropping out).

“The success rate for design thinking processes was very low.”

“Companies traditionally have competed on price or quality, or some combination of the two. But today decent quality and reasonable price have become merely table stakes in the business game. — The entry ticket for being allowed into the market place.” – A Whole New Mind, David Pink

Design is what really separates and distinguishes one brand from another. It’s so obvious but missed by many.

Design has many  benefits at being the foundation of any great business.

Oxygen and Hydrogen’s similarities start and end at being gases, but mixed together create a completely different state and product.

The Age of Concept is here.

Either way you think about it, the mesh between the two hemispheres of the brain is what is necessary to compete in the world of art and finance.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on innovation, and weird words have come up. Empathy, Connectedness, Spirituality, Caring. What the hell does this have to do with design or business?

On your body,

Down the runway it’s hard to be empathetic towards a $10,000 maelstrom of fabric strutting towards you. (The monetary/emotional trade off of designer and customer drives the biz.). Listen to any successful designer trying to capture the dream/imagination of his/her customers.

In the city,

Nor does today’s major cities seem to care. Raising rent, quality of living, and mortgage rates that have a direct affect on the design and sense of place of the city. It’s all taxpayer’s money, which they don’t have time to enjoy the products these designers have created due to these economic forces!

There are spiritually designed places popping up more in more as we head into a new century where you would naturally wouldn’t see them constructed so beautifully.

I’ll put some pictures up of what I think is developing into one of the most fabulous walks in Western Canada, from what I’ve seen. Toronto I found too urban and backwards. Chinatown/Eau Claire Market in Calgary, AB. Yeah, Yeah, I’ve been to Stanley Park in Vancouver, but competing with one of the 7 wonders of the universe doesn’t fare a a fair fight.

With the newly design Peace Bridge and the surroundings of this well thought out Landscape Architecture Project, it’s a really good place to study harmony within city limits.

In your hand and on your feet,

Industrial Designers have seen an influx in demand:

Nike (Fast Company’s most innovative company):

Apple’s Design Process – Jony Ive (Designer of the iPhone and iMac)

One of my favorites is what the IDEO firm has done, (Designed Apple’s Mouse)

IDEO Co-founder David Kelley

His book Creative Confidence is a great book on learning how to get up and do something even if you don’t see yourself as a creative.

Innovative and empathetic  Design and concept at the core of any business will not only solve problems, but create major value for your company and customers!


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