“You are the Prototype”: The prototype process

New ideas in prototyping process.

Adapting solutions and responding creatively is the essence of design -IDEO

There is alot of Apple ass kissing going on, but they are simply leaders in the design process on a large scale that users respond to and since Jobs’ death, the decline has already begun. What a time to learn from the best going through tough times.

The blog is just warming up, there are other companies that are intersecting and disrupting (Under Armour), and some more less known companies and hopefully myself who figure out new, thoughtful ways to bring great products to respective users.

Apple’s Secret Sauce

“Sometimes copying can be part of the learning process like when you see an art student replicating a painting in a museum or a drummer playing along to John Bonham’s “Moby Dick”. Unfortunately, copying in the business arena is usually more nefarious. This is the formula for failure…So much work of the individual creator puts into something is invisible. It’s beneath the surface. The copycat, no matter the uber fan cannot replicate it. Rework by Jason Fried and DHH

Jimi Hendrix is even quoted :  “I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” 

Here are some of IDEO’s Prototyping objectives to consider:

1.BUILDING TO THINK – Rather than discussing, analyzing or hypothesizing, in abstract terms before acting, creating tangible expressions of ideas early enables organizational thinking to develop concretely through actions (See Jony Ive’s Advice)

2.  Learning faster by failing early (and often) – making things tangible allows many small, low impact failures to occur early, resulting in faster learning about what does and does not work and why.

3. Giving permission to explore new behaviors – tangible presence of a new thing, the prototypeitself encourages new behaviors, relieving individuals of responsibility to consciously change what they do.


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