World-Class or No-Class: If Only I had an Idea to run with…

There’s been alot of research and reading about how to start a business. 

Very underrated, but it seems that you see these entrepreneurs spark an idea and just

make millions upon millions without studying or planning how to provide that value to make those millions and so on… 

There are a lot of patterns that I have seen in most of the decent books that are around. Creative Intelligence, Beyond the Obvious, and Business Model Generation are actual good books, that revolve around popular premises and topics. 

In Beyond the Obvious, a good podcast by former HP innovation head Phil McKinney who puts forth a process that points people like me and maybe you, but companies who don’t know what’s up, in the right direction of the innovation game. 






Focus – Who, What and How?

IDEATION – Generate ideas, concepts (see most posts on this blog)

Ranking – Ranking the ideas (survival of the fittest) Idea Eco system)

Execution – McKinney says “An idea without execution is a hobby”

More on execution later.




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