Sales Survival

If you’re going to achieve high levels of success in selling, you’ve got to be able to get positive results under negative circumstances. – Dan Kennedy

Easier said than done?

What are strategies to withstand tough times?

NIKE to slash marketing budget


Listen and refine marketing skills. (Which should be happening all the time)

The advantage of being a startup is the expenses and overhead are low if you’re doing your job right.

Nike has to slash because they have to preserve cash and appease to shareholders.

Here’s some tips to follow to counter and compete with when a slashed marketing budget has more sales than your business (for now):

5 Steps to Listening More Effectively

1. Clear your mind of distractions getting into a meeting with another person or other people

2. Determine in advance why the person you are going to be listening to is important to you, and why what he or she is saying might be important to you.

3. Listen for information and insight that you can use to engineer cooperation with the other person.

4. Be an active listener. Nod, give feedback, ask questions to encourage the person to demonstrate interest. “Mirroring” to put the person at ease

5. In some business situations, it may be appropriate to jot down notes as you listen.


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