#MarketingMonday: “If you’re David, you cannot play by Goliath’s Rules.”

Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker

Results Triangle

 Think of a three legged stool. You have to have all three to sit on it.

Not Right Message – Wrong Market – Right Media.

The WHO? is very important.

It has to be: Right Message – Right Market – Right Media.

If you checked out “You are a Brand” and chances are you are a small brand.

Chances are you may be competing like you are like a leading company.

“Be careful who you copy. Be careful who you act like. Be careful who you study. If their purpose objectives agenda and reasons for doing what they do the way they do it doesn’t match with your purpose objectives and agenda then you should NOT study or emulate or copy them!” – Dan Kennedy

Customer attraction and the more specific “WHO?” better off you can be and price adjust.

Bad news. It’s not going to work.

Here’s Big Company’s Agenda for Advertising and Marketing:

1. Please/appease its board of directors (most of whom know zip about advertising and marketing but have lots of opinions)

2. Please/appease its stock holders

3. Look good look appropriate to Wall Street

4. Look good, appropriate for the media

5. Win awards for advertising

6. Build Brand Identity

7. Sell Something.

Our Agenda:

1. Sell something. Now!


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