Last Call: Time and Competitors

4. Work out a strategy to put your competitors miles behind.

A competitor can most likely replicate anything you do quickly. If you want true differentiators, you need to create aspects that your competitors can’t or won’t do without great effort or expense. One side effect of hurry is that diminishes your ability to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Slowing down allows you to observe more fully, to pay attention to what your competition is doing, and to anticipate their moves. Then you can slowly and methodically create a strategy that will put them years behind you.


The tech industry is historically riddled with competing against time to be first to market. Even if it means putting out buggy software. Oracle almost went bankrupt due to the buggy software releasing before it was ready. It continually did this, to be first. It took many versions to finally save the company after swift and brutal management slaughterings.

Time as an Ally


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