Red Pill or Blue Pill: Pimp The System or Hit the Curb.

I never pimp a ho, nigga pimp a CEO
Be my He-e-ro, make me mad as ze-e-ro
Im that ne-e-gro making it like itchy-ro
Ain’t got time for no bow ass bitchy ho
Go to G-e-sale fuckin with them e-e-mails
I’d rather get my shit wide nigga e-e-mail
Fuck a sex slavior make what I just made
That bitch had to sell her pussy for a decade
And that’s too much time for the brainy one
I’m on a daily run
To crack your cranium
Wrap uranium
Ain’t nothin else
I pimp the system
Bitch break yourself
If they got scrilla
Then I’m gorilla
If they figure
I’m a killa
Cause I’m a nigga
Your prostitutes wear high heeled boots
My prostitutes wear three piece suits
Count your money nigga

– Ice Cube (Westside Connection – “Pimp the System”)

Step 1: Study/Read/Meet people/businesspeople who have done it. Take ideas from people who haven’t done it with a grain of salt. The reason you should be listening to me, because I’m at the beginning of protoyping the system. In it. Read the books. Now getting my hands dirty. Check out the books: Cashflow Quadrant and E-Myth. 

What is a system? Everything is some sort of system. A system by definition is:

1. a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.
2. a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.
In school (which is a system) like it or not is designed to provide a standard of results, the gifted students breeze through it, and enter another system. (More on “The A Students work for the C students).
Got a job? Wanna Start a Business? You’ll be well acquainted with the system someone else built to maximize their profits from your hard work.
Pimp the system and develop a system to pull the opposite and have people work hard for you.
In life there is always someone at the top of the system. Making sure that the system works. The systems change with the person at the top and their style. But just for beginning purposes, the business system is supposed to serve your customer to the fullest, in the most prophetic way possible.
“Would you like fries with that?”
She read my mind.
A mint, a newspaper, your brand of coffee, and a match.
You hotel almost knows you better than you know yourself.
This is the sign of an effective system that generates not only financial profits, but consumer satisfaction.
Have you ever been to Wal-Mart?
As profitable as it is, the customer service system sucks.
The greeter ignores you, the workers are aloof, and hard to find.
But, their Value Prop, is their systemic “Lowest Prices Everday.”
I sacrifice customer service to save money habitually.
If some Mom and Dad shops Pimped the System, they could have provided superior Customer Service and stayed alive.
But they played the system Wal-Mart exhorted on them. And Lost.
A losing system is the worst thing in the world.
Know an immigrant? Ask them.
Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, Clarium Capital (funded Facebook), author of Zero to One (which will be featured on this blog in due time) has some thoughts about changing the world.
So, How to Create A System?
Gain how all systems work.
Biological, Ecological, Mechanical, Societal, Financial, and etc.
Inspiration Comes from Everywhere!
Steve Jobs created his Customer Service system stealing from the Marriott Hotels.
Financial Markets behave like the Nervous System. (Shock, Panic, Mania,) All feelings originated in your brain!
According to Robert Kiyosaki writer of (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant):
says that there are 3 systems:
1. Traditional C Corporation Systems – make your own system
2. Buy a Franchise – Own a Tim Horton’s location(s)
3. Buy into and become apart of an already made system. (AVON, Mary Kay, etc)
The first one is by far the hardest and more risky. Ever hear of the term Disrupt? This is the type of management strategy that tries to find cracks in the Traditional Systems that currently run in the status quo.
I live in Calgary.
It doesn’t get more status quo than the Oil and Gas Industry.
Not to go off topic or on a tangent, short and sweet is that, the system the oil leaders create jobs for people who like working in a system. Some get paid high wages to perform tasks in a form that caters to the system.
Not unlike a McDonald’s or Timmy’s.
The difference?
The education and skill level of the workers!
Ever hear about Henry Ford and the Assembly Line?
He got that idea from a slaughterhouse visit.
Look in the back of any well setup manufacturing system.
You and I need to find more innovative ways to take these inspirations and create a world, a system that not only empowers employees, but makes you and I wealthy!
. There’s an Assembly Line of unskilled high school and seniors working away at little tasks.
Try this in an engineering field which is heavily managed for risk in exploration and in the fields. Any outside the box thinking gets crushed, because it may cost money or even a life if it doesn’t work.
At McDonalds? Remember that timer in the drive-thru?
That’s second nature now.
Smaller the pieces, the stronger the system.
Nike and “Child Labour”
Not a bad system. Just terrible conditions.
Not too far off from how your i-phone you have is made.
Ever play on a sports team?
Coach ever tell you less is more?
“If every one knows where they are and what they are supposed to do. The system will take care of itself.”
Antibodies and white cells in your immune system is divided into labour
A good system is lazy.
Work hard at being lazy.
Mine and your task: Research the hell out of how the world works. It’s lazy. but works hard and punishes eager beavers.
Gravity is a great management tool, once you think about it.
Systems work everytime forever. Until something good or bad disrupts it.
When your living your system works as long as it can to reproduce, when you die, the system will run tricks on you.. Whether you like it or not.
So why not Pimp the System While You’re Alive and Healthy
or you’ll be a Ho to every system imaginable.
 I’ll be updating about how I’m constructing and testing my system.

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