It’s not how big you are it’s how you use it: Small Business, Big Business, and Startups

There are two emotions in running a startup, Euphoria and Terror. – Marc Andreesen, co-founder of Netscape, Ning and General Partner at Andreesen/Horowitz

This blog post will be short because the answer is short but the solution is complex and will be infinitely questioned, failed upon, acted on, and questioned again.

What is the difference between a startup, small business, and big company?

According to Robert T. Kiyosaki a small business is a person who does it his or herself.

For example, Visual Effects artists, piemakers, accountants, dentists, etc

A big business is a business with a system that works for the owner.

McDonalds, Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Wal-mart, etc

Good books to move from small business to big business is E-Myth by Michael Gerber and Now Build Your Great Business! by Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy

A startup is not a larger company, and large company is not a startup. – Steve Blank

A start up is according to Lean Startup Author Eric Ries:

A human institution that is designed to create something new under extreme conditions of uncertainty.

The major point that isn’t mentioned it doesn’t matter how big or small you are. It’s how you create under pressure.

I recommend checking out Eric’s full talk here

In closing here is an excellent essay on how to build a start up by Paul Graham, founder of viaweb, and Y Combinator

In future blog posts, I’ll be delimiting posts and paragraphs as


BB=Big Business

SB=Small Business



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