Understand It’s Nature Part 1: Serial Killers and Customer Psychology

A great clip to really get to heart of what most businesses need to survive but scared to admit.

They don’t know their customer! They hire data analytic teams to figure it out. Gets complex.

But they are just not looking closely enough, they are not thinking like their prospect/victim

Symptoms of a bureaucratic, power player in the industry. Advantage to an outsider, who’s got nothing but time to surround himself with books and his own thoughts.

Big Corps grow arrogant. Most lose or sell the empathy they started up with.

Enter Hannibal Lecter, an empathetic serial killer.

That’s why Silence of the Lambs was such a good film.

Notice how he keeps Clarice hypnotized in his story, but never giving the answer to her questions. But pushes her in the right direction. That’s what the audience loves in a good murder mystery!

This is business and dating tips. Give your significant other everything he or she wants and see what happens.

You’ve been warned.

Have you ever liked a song on an album and they make a video for it and you lose interest in the song?

That feeling!

It’s why women find boyfriends and make their husbands cuckolds.

It’s why men have women on the side in a marriage.


The water well can overflow and spoil the crops!

George Costanza and the The Opposite was a good move in the idea of this.

Ralph Lauren made a fortune of bucking trend of what customers were currently wearing (thick ties) and designed (thin ties).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an inspiration for the Model T.

The customers told Henry Ford they wanted a faster horse…

The needed doesn’t want what they need. They need what they want.

The best companies understand this, and provide value that is tailored to their values and add the right amount of challenge to their product. Apple challenged customers with their sleek design of the i-Phone. YouTube challenges their subscribers to build mini-media empires, Fashion designers design tapered jeans for you to hit the gym.

Your and my products need to challenge the end user, not to the point of frustration and confusion. But in a way that creates a desirable bond.

Remember those TNA pants that gave the notion that a girl’s butt looks automatically look great in terry cloth?

Ever wonder why you only see bigger women in them now?

It became too easy, and now people who should lose weight to fit into pants don’t because their mind tells them their butt looks great in those pants and have taken the allure away from the brand almost overnight.

Why I’m switching back to Nike trackwear?

I see too many smokers, unfit and rather basic people in Under Amour.

It’s become a commodity.

It’s maintaining identity. Can you control who buys your product? Yes and no. But mostly yes.

Most of the successful brands do.

Never see this behavior in jeans. Jeans don’t have elastic waists (challenge)

Does my butt look big? Is music to a fashion designer’s ears.

On the male side, it’s the simple challenge and pursuit of power and authority.

“What does you do?”

I’m an entrepreneur.

“Oh so you’re unemployed.”

– the social network

But the challenge to them freedom and autonomy is the allure to males (and more and more females these days)

The ONLY way achieve this, is through all-in entrepreneurship as

all Revolutions require warfare and violence.

Entrepreneur as you show know, is no different.

The same with customers. All Customers have pain. They deal with it in unique but universal ways.

Because human, not data, that’s what companies complain about market uncertainty.

Their analysts can’t find the data to back it up!

Big businesses target markets. Entrepreneurs target a certain customer/occupation

The customer is always right is the mantra of most businesses, but ask the question… What do they want.

Customers can be women, and women are accused to not knowing what they want.

Know why? They have so many options! They eliminate and men accumulate. In theory.

Ever see this?

They can’t tell the good ones from the bad ones

Neither can a regular customer


With advancements in psychology and neuroscience, there is much to the human condition that we don’t know about.

I just blogged about how neuroscientists found the area where the emotion Confidence is located in the brain.

What are the Human Secrets People Don’t Tell Me?

ACTION: Create Customer Profiles and Scenarios like Detectives with their Serial Killers 

Understand the nature of humans and you’re that much closer to knowing more about what you don’t know about your customer, because like serial killers and the detectives and attorneys who make their living off them, they can make or break your career.

Books to read: Seduction by Robert Greene

Marketing to the Affluent  by Dan Kennedy


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