To Be or Not To Be? Why Does Your Business Exist?

In the ideal world, businesses think like artists and artists think like business people. When differentiating yourself from the pack. Jamming or experimenting and stealing/swiping ideas is the best way to create a USP: A Unique Selling Proposition: Justifying your Reason To Exist in the World…

1. Narrowly Defined Positioning (An Oriental Rug Cleaning Service)

2. Meaningful Specifics ( An Oriental Rug Cleaning Service that makes stains vanish in 15 minutes or less)

3. Guarantee ( An Oriental Rug Cleaning Service that makes stains vanish in 15 minutes or less or your money back)

Case Study:’s USP is simple, to the point and shows responsibility for your worries. is big, dumb, slogany and more worried about making you laugh or creating a piece of art than the actual service.

Which company do you think will take more care of you when things go wrong? Where are their values aligned

Next blog post will be about utilizing the USP to gain value on your mishandled purchases.

I’ll show you how. 

in the next post.

Not only for a couple weeks, or years but for decades and beyond. The Durability Question… It’s a splash of cold water. Or being front row of a philosophy class. Why do you exist? Descartes was a great philosopher but terrible businessperson. “I think therefore I am.” Most businesses think this way! They produce something therefore they’re a successful business. They think because they are operate from Monday to Friday they are doing fine. Get real! 20 percent of the businesses generate 80 percent of the profits of the world. Why? They have found from an early stage how to uniquely exist and sustain existence. This is more than having a hairy audacious goal or consultant speak. Values and Vision are critical, but narrowing and positioning the values and vision are much more important. Starting a business is easy. If you think traditionally. Make a product, advertise the product, make a website, do interviews about your product, and cash will roll in… You’ll be wiped out in 5 years… or even worse cash poor, burning through capital thinking you’re unique when you’re actually in no man’s land in a large industry that doesn’t give a shit about you. That’s not where you want to be. Neither do I. But most people think this way. They don’t fight for their existence. They become entitled to the freedoms of the world and even worse, the freedom in their world. Most companies allocate significant loans and go to zero with a bullet very quickly due to this entitlement. So Carmichael? How do you create one of those Zero to One businesses that everyone is talking about… Read the book. Then come here for a few ideas that I’m trying and in the middle of. First things first, Survey Pains and strains in the industry of your choice (I’ve covered this). Then you can take two strategies to the bank. Plan and Jam…

From Startup Leadership by Derek Lidow

Planning is to work the Business Model Canvas and visualize how your business can add 10X value immediately to the market place. If it can’t it’s not an idea or pain killer worth pursuing and wasting your time… Which is called Causal Strategy. The second is called Effectual Strategy, having a general direction and jamming (experimenting) along the way. Steve Blank says the first business plan fails. With this strategy, you form a hypothesis:

1. Do people like vegan food at shopping malls?

2. Do people ask me where to buy my food without being prompted?

3. If I get at least 200 people over 4 days, people tell me unprompted to open a store that I can rent

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash (jamming) to Facebook

The Demand has to outweigh the supply. Supply can always be created. Demand and Desire are elusive *more about this in future posts*

1 = A vegan farm service

2 = A vegan farm that makes by planting their own organic products and sells them from their store

3 = 100% Organically Grown and sold from Vegan Farmers on a Vegan Farm

You want to be in two businesses. Customer Attraction and Painkilling business. You create customers by killing their pains. Jam then plan, or plan then jam. Plain and simple.


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