$10 an Hour Job vs $10,000 an Hour Job

Time is more precious than Money.

Time is Value!

Major Tip: How’s your New Year Resolution going? I’m sure layoffs were not expected. This tip will hopefully empower you to improve on your independence. Most people don’t know the value of their time. Let alone entrepreneurs. Slave owners understood this to oppress. Your current manager may not even know the value of his/her time. Here is a goal that will steer your decisions in a better direction to impress. Step 1: Work out how much you want to make (projected sales/revenue/earnings,etc) Step 2: Multiply working days by how many hours you work (220 x 8) = 1760. Step 3: Projected Earnings / 1760 working hours = Your Base Earnings Target. Step 4: Base Earnings Target x Non Productive Factor which is up to you… (x3, x4,x5) Ex: 1,000,000 / 1760 = $568.36. 568.36 x 3 = $1704.55 an HOUR!!! Your decisions and delegation will be dramatically impacted after doing this exercise. Click below for the spreadsheet on how to actually create this type of value. $10 an hour jobs vs $10,000 an hour jobs #worldclass #timemanagement #yycbusiness

Click below to unlock your freedom and creativity spreadsheet.

Just modify the activities for your industry and your set!

Spreadsheet for Time Management and Delegation

*You should be doing this if you value your time at $30 Dollars or more.

Shout out to Dan Kennedy and Perry Marshall for all their hard work on these ideas and truths


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