Create Better Jobs So You Can Demand More (and Fire Faster)

Companies that grow people, grow profits. Companies that shrink people, shrink profits… Look at the investment in human assets to make sure it’s enough – Tom Connellan, Inside the Magic Kingdom

Make all your important jobs better jobs. Make every position that involves any contact with your customers at all a really, really good job. Pay better than average wages; pay to have employees’ uniforms cleaned for them; provide a good working environment; offer significant spontaneous, unexpected, varied rewards and recognition. Create jobs people really want and that good people won’t want to lose.

Why should you do all this?

Not to be a generous soul. Not to be liked. Not to win some award. So that your bloody axe is feared and you can be fearless in swinging it. 

-Dan Kennedy, NO BS to Ruthless Management of People and Profits


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