Website ReWork

Love us or not, the Mark Zuckerbergs of the block-Raekwon

This is your website, and every other website that you visit.

All the same, all plastic. Everyone who tries to be edgy or different ends up with a edgy and different website that is copied from another person who wants to be edgy and different.

Look at 100% of start up websites. It’s as if the same web designer design all their sites.

All Color No Commission.

They rely on deep VC pockets who they convinced their web layout is the shit.

And they wonder why they have no revenue stream?

The chain continues.

Your website is supposed to be included in Your Value Proposition.

Most can’t look me in the eye and say this is true for their business.

Or they are deceiving themselves that they actually generate sales from convincing or persuading a prospect or visitor that their product is worth buying.

It’s not your fault. You and I are led by big businesses who have major budgets for marketing who copy other companies with major budgets for marketing.

Are you getting the theme here? The world is a bunch of copy cats!

You can be the leader of your industry with a simple, clean, Sales-Effective Website that Generates the Leads, Funnels them into Repeat Customers and Evangelists, such as my self for sites like

I’m not an applenut, but just create a cart for yourself and see how easy it is and how fun it is, and how you are PERSUADED to buy a $5,000 Mac without blinking.

Carmike, didn’t you just say the world is a bunch of copy cats? You’re a hypocrite!

Yeah I am.

For the sake of Profits, The elements’s e-store implements is not by accident.

Copying a web layout and copying what works are two extremely different things entirely.

My idea is still in the works to create a hybrid of offline/online sales strategies where my clients and I can destroy competition with our software that generates sales out the ying-yang. But this is probably too secretive for the blog…

Building a Sales Centric Website with Ethics is tough.

Having a sales driven website that doesn’t crash, well maintained and sales driven design is where it’s at. Zero companies put pride in it except for the real only Unicorn in the world., they’re the only company that sells their own product, advertises their own products and cross-sells, up-sells and follows up. When you hear they operate like a start up for being a TRILLION dollar business… They are not kidding around!

How about trying the same tactics for your business?

Tough I know. But Worth it in the end.

I’m still concocting the concepts, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

But Sales Differentiate from your competitor not your flashy design that can be copied by ANY edgy web designer.

Unique and Making Money and Well Maintained.

Bang, Bang!

Copied from my FB post Last Thursday… #ThoughThursday‬: If you are thinking of building a website for your small business. Ignore every popular and mostly likely 90% websites ever made. The facebooks and googles. Even They are not sales centric websites. They make money by either ads or supplier contracts. You don’t have that luxury. Do I have an answer for sales boosting websites? Still Searching. But this what I do know. ‪#‎SaveMoney‬ ‪#‎MakeMoney‬‪#‎UniqueSalesSavvyWebsites‬ Make your Product a Service. Make Your Service a Product ‪#‎yycbiz‬ ‪#‎webdev‬


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