Artistic Scaling: Why Artists Die Broke

Hear Marc Jacobs at the 30 second mark.

It’s actually a Joke What He Does… But That’s what a Scaled Man Sounds Like.

He Has a Life!!

An Artist Makes Final Touches on Fuck Ups and Rolls.

That’s a Boss. #BossMode

Fashion Brands Have Been Struggling with the Reality of When the Founder Dies, who carries on the Vision?..

Hollywood Directors just use the Machine of Hollywood to do their Scaling So They Don’t Count.

The Value of a Business falls off if a Scaling Process is Not in Place to Retain and Gain Customers after the Head Artist or Business Person has moved on, retired, died, etc.

When You are working hard taking risks, you should be at least employing someone to get you to a goal where your business runs like a machine. Most Businesses run on word of mouth. That’s the dumbest thing you can do… You need a Marketing and Sales System that Generates and Persuades New Customers and Retains Existing Customers All Day, Every Day!

Do You think it is a coincidence that Tim Cook who is a Scaling Master (Chief of Operations) was chosen by Steve Jobs to continue with the company? Scalability is the toughest thing but most rewarding thing to achieve when done right.

Most artists don’t think how they are gonna get out when they’re ready to move on. Why? Most Artists don’t survive due to poor financial prowess, and non existent scaling skills.

What’s your end game? Scalability. How Are you going Achieve this goal?

Creative Scalability is when You have an Artistic or Creative Solution to a Big Problem that You can Scale.

Like Any business is to have a mission to achieve to gain MAXIMUM SCALABILITY in their niche.

An Artistic Mission to achieve a Mean to an End which is Scalability.

Facebook’s is to connect the world. and scale so Mark can Generate more cash when he’s dead.

Mark is an artist first, software developer second, businessman third. He employs Sheryl Sandberg (COO) to handle day to day operations to carry out the Grand Vision and She’s damn good at her job.

Here’s a real world idea I told a Friend about a month ago…

Ran Into a Friend Who is an Audio Engineer. He Says He does records for RandB, Rock, and Gospel. I said Two Things: 1. He’s being too much to too many people. Dr.Dre produces for Gangster Rappers ONLY. He also has a Reputation that carries a guarantee. “When I jump on a Track. You will be Nominated for a Grammy (which will drive your sales and exposure). 2. What’s your End Game? How are you gonna work less and make more? Do You Think Dr.Dre is in the Trenches at Aftermath? HELL NO! He understands SCALE. He shows up for Mastering.

Take Aways:

1. Artistic Vision Pragmatic Mission

2. Ruthlessly Scale, Scale, Scale!

3. Walk The Dog, Collect a Check and Grow Richer and Watch Your Business Compound.

Books to Read: Scale by Jeff Hoffman (Founder of and David Finkel (Maui Mastermind)

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (Founder of Gazelles Inc)

Wishing you an Easier Day,

Larry Ellison on His Yacht. World Renowned for being an Absentee Boss which he has said has made his Business More Efficient. Employees Figure Out Their own Questions.

The Real Deal with Carmichael Reid


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