“The Perfect Seam” – Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum


1. KNOWLEDGE MINING is one of 5 competencies of Creative Intelligence

– Creative people go straight to the source, ignore market research and feel the pulse of what they need to know

– Life Experience > Educational Experience

It’s important if you want to be a Fashion Designer to be in the world,  to look at art, see every movie you can, read every magazine you can. You have to know where culture is today, to react to it, to be contemporary and respond to it – Tom Ford, Parson’s grad (2011)

Excerpt from Creative Intelligence:

The key is awareness: about your skills, your knowledge, your beliefs…

Taking a look at your life to assess what you already embody can provide you with new levels of creative confidence. I recently talked with a woman applying to Parsons, who was from a small town in New Mexico, and watched Project Runway religiously. It was her motivation to become a fashion designer. She had kids and a husband, and worried whether she could compete against the young kids applying for admission at the fashion school.

What she didn’t realize was that she had already developed a key skill in her time as a mother. She made most of her children’s clothes and has been making clothes her entire life. She traveled to New York to see the MoMa exhibit on Alexander McQueen in 2011. She didn’t know she shared a skill with the designer known for the “savage beauty” of his clothes… The ability to sew a perfect seam.”

It’s not who you know,

It’s, Knowing what you know is critically important.


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